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Quote of the day, May 30

(Community volunteer who was graciously teaching a lesson on government): Who knows what taxes are?

Student: Taxes is a place where there are tornadoes.

Bonus: quote of the day, May 29

(Student reads a letter written by another student.)  That’s a pretty good letter.  Except, he didn’t say, “I’m writing to tell you.”  That’s, you know, real.”


If toothpaste had top notes of orange blossom. . .

Some days when there’s no occasion for perfume beyond the fact that I like it, I find that reason enough, but forget it until I lean down to help a student who comments.  My favorite remark this morning: “Wow!  Your breath smells really good!  You must brush your teeth a whole lot!”

Favorite conversation of the day 1-29-13

Miss M., I need to talk to you two things.  The first one is: I have a new jacket.  The second one is: on 27 January, my mom ordered something.

Cool!  What color is your jacket?

Black.  And sometimes red and white.

Farewell to whom?

I hope not.  I would miss its precision, not to mention its Scrabble versatility.  This story makes me want to use as many object pronouns as possible when I’m around young children.  Babysitting clients, you’ve been warned.

No, dear child. . .

I’m not in the seventh grade.  But of all your precious questions, that one’s my favorite today.

Quote of the Day, May 18

Miss M., isn’t Fanny Crosby a hockey player?

That would be Sidney Crosby.

A sampling of my students’ Mother’s Day sentiments

You are the best mom to ever exist.

If you want, I will do your chores.

Thank you for all the lunches you make for me.

You are a huge blessing to me.

Please excuse my unneat handwriting.

Thank you for giving me so much love.

And to that, I’ll add my “Ditto what he said, Mom!”