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Watching the News, Whispering “Maranatha”

No matter what you think about the Casey Anthony verdict, I imagine that your feelings about it are shaped by one or some or all of these longings:

You long for justice, for wrong to be avenged.

You feel the inadequacy of those who lack perfect knowledge doling out punishment.

You want forgiveness and mercy, for yourself and for others.

Which is to say, the way you feel about the today’s verdict is an echo of your heart’s cry for the Gospel.  It is good that you have a sense of right and wrong, that you know innately that wrong must be punished.  It is wise that you realize only one with perfect knowledge can punish with perfect justice.  It is grace that you sense your own guilt, that you realize the need for forgiveness.  Don’t you see the outline of the Gospel in that?  God sees hearts and minds, will punish each and every wrong as it deserves, and, best of all, chooses to forgive, not because He is unjust and just lets some sins slide, but because, as my three-year-old nephew says, “God decided to punish Hisself.”


Politics aside, one happy trend in yesterday’s election

It’s possible for a woman to succeed while looking her age.  Being part of a tech boom is far more helpful for a woman than hiding grey hair or covering wrinkles.  For shallow California, that’s a big deal.

A good reminder that things could be a lot worse than having to do my taxes:

Realizing that I didn’t earn any “false imprisonment compensation” income this year is nice.

How nine-year-olds feel about penalizing the innocent

My nine-year-old brother (he’s the sixth in the series, by the way), on a government bailout:

That would be like N. and H. [neighbors] running into our wall and us saying, “Oh, that’s okay, just go and don’t worry about it,” and then taking from our other neighbors to repair the wall.

He realizes that this money has to come from somewhere, which means he’s smarter than most of Congress.