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Quote of the Day, Aug 30

What Axe is supposed to do, you can accomplish with Gain. -#5

True story.  If you washed your shirt with Gain and then mowed a lawn. . .


Things my mama taught me

. . . to read

. . .to teach other people to read

. . . to enjoy each blessing without demanding that it continue

. . .to leave my keys with whatever I don’t want to forget

. . .to sew

. . .to rely on my Heavenly Father and not just on my earthly father

. . . to finger-press clothes (for a girl who doesn’t like to iron, this one’s gold)

. . . to make a roux (and lots of other foundation dishes)

. . .to read God’s Word every day.  If I only picked up one habit from my mom, this alone would be reason enough to celebrate her today.

One of the things I love about #4

Who else starts a long conversation with “You know what’s funny about the Lord’s Supper?”

Quote of the day, July 28

“We have a crisis situation with the amount tea in our house.”- #5.

It’s good to have an ally in this coffee-loving household.  If you think that’s a little alarmist, you should have seen #6’s written announcement when we only had a few cups of Hershey’s syrup left.  We take our favorite beverages pretty seriously.

My kid brother, charmer

Dad: I married her for her GPA.

#6: What does GPA stand for?  Great personality?

My kid brother- always there for you when your own conscience is on holiday

#6: I don’t think God would be very happy if He saw that expression.  Oh, yeah.  He did.

Reason #459,652 I love being an aunt

E1 (gestures toward the small toy he was riding): Do you want to ride on it?

Me: I don’t think I can ride that.

E1: Why not?  You have a bottom.