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Last year, when I was in grad school, job-hunting, working on credential requirements, and teaching, I would remark that I was looking forward to the next year, when I would be able to just focus on teaching.  In a classic case of “be careful what you wish for,” this past semester has been laser-focused on teaching.  I often eat three meals a day at school; when I finally do sleep, I dream about school.  Other things, even things I thought were important to me, have fallen out of view.  I’m teaching in a new context for me, and I have a billion reflections, stories, and lessons I could share, but no energy to blog them.

I am excited to balance my life more in the coming year, but blogging isn’t super high on the priority list for now.  I might be on here now and then (probably with brief thoughts), but I’m not making any resolutions about blogging more.  I’ve got 30 of the sweetest little people to teach to read.  Catch you on the flip side.


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My job and my family keep me inspired and laughing by turns. Here's a taste.

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