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Good recipe sources, four: make a few trusted friends (and yes, you can meet mine)

The internet is a big place.  Trying to explore the whole thing every time you want a recipe is just overwhelming.  I hope the first posts about how to spot a good recipe help you learn from my mistakes and weed out the more disappointing recipes.  I hope the last few posts about spotting good sources steer you away from sites that could only let you down.  But the best strategy I have is to find a few trusted sites and start any recipe search there.  Sites like or even Tasty Kitchen aren’t my style because they have so many contributors.  In general, a site from one cook is helpful, because you learn that person’s style and learn to trust (or fear) his or her taste.  A few of my favorites:

Joy the Baker

Smitten Kitchen

Annie’s Eats

(None of those people have the slightest idea who I am.  But they do generally know about each other.  You’ll notice they borrow inspiration from each other a lot.  Even in the great big food blogosphere, it’s a small world, after all.)


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