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Good recipes sources, two: people in love are adorable (and unreliable)

I’m not talking about romantic love here; this is food love, which can be almost as disorienting.  Here are a few cases of food love that confuse people’s abilities to discern good recipes:

  • I’m in love with cooking!  The classic example is college girls who just figured out that they could cook real food and not eat easy mac.  They’re pretty easy to spot, mostly because the exclamation points to capital letters ratio on their sites is really high.  I’m glad these young women are learning to cook after a childhood of prepared foods. But someday they’re going to look back at their own gushing over pretty bad recipes and be nostalgic and unimpressed.
  • I’m in love with my slow-cooker!  This is the closest one to flat-out romantic love.  Having someone have a warm meal ready for you when you come home- who doesn’t swoon a little bit?  (Even if the someone in question is a ceramic crock.)  Who can blame us for lowering our standards a bit?  Even stringy, bland food smells good when you open the door, and it’s definitely better than fast-food.
  • I’m in love with my new __________ (crazy expensive blender/juicer/mandoline/grill etc.)!  Gadget love is a powerful thing.  Only after it’s died down can we see what was really meaningful and what was just fluff.  In the meantime, cook carefully, folks.

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