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Good recipes, episode five: a good recipe has positive comments

I should say, “has positive comments from people who actually made the dish.”  A comment section full of “Looks great!  Can’t wait to try it!” is sweet.  A comment section with reports from the front lines (“Made it- delish, but needed more cumin”) is gold.  Look for those comments and take them to heart.

(If you follow me on Pinterest, you can rest assured that the comments I pin about dishes are actually mine.  And if I pin a recipe I haven’t made, I usually go back and add a comment when I have.  There are a lot of ways in life that I’m a bad friend, but this is my attempt at making the world a better place, one tested recipe at a time.)

Why are we talking about this?

What should you know first?

What about episodes one, two, three, and four?


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