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Good recipes, episode four: A good recipe doesn’t start with a mix

You wouldn’t watch an art tutorial that began with “Go buy a paint-by-number kit,” would you?

May I just encourage you that biscuits aren’t hard to make?  A recipe, even if some pinner claims that it’s “the best ever!” starting with canned biscuits is not from someone who knows how to cook.  Biscuit mix: same deal.  If the recipe came from a cook, he or she would know that real biscuits take maybe seven minutes longer to make than mix biscuits, and they taste like, you know, biscuits.  Puddings are also not hard (sure, the egg-thickened kinds are premium, but a simple cornstarch-thickened pudding is far and away better than one that uses a box).  If you see crescent rolls in a can, just run the other way!

Also, there is nothing that can be mixed into canned frosting that will mask its canned-ness, no matter what the internet says.  Cake mix will always taste like cake mix cake.  And if you like cake mix cake, please make it and eat it.  Just don’t believe the hype on the internet and then let yourself be disappointed when pre-prepared food tastes pre-prepared.

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