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Good recipes, episode two: A good recipe uses good cooking practices

What kind of good cooking practices, you ask?

  •  Not over-crowding your pan so that your meat can brown, rather than steam.
  • Browning meat before you put it in the slow-cooker.
  • Being careful to not work your biscuits much (they’ll get tough).
  • Splashing a little bit of an acidic ingredient in at the end of cooking to brighten the flavors.
  • Cooking your onions longer than your garlic (onions brown, garlic burns).
  • Blooming your spices.
  • Deglazing the pan after you’ve browned something in it
  • Reducing liquids
  • Letting yeast dough rest after dividing and before stretching it.
  • Adding the slower-cooking vegetables to the soup first, and the faster-cooking ones at the last minute.

You get the idea.  Good recipe writers know what they’re doing, and it shows.  What are some of the good cooking practices you look for in recipes?

What’s all this about?  That.

But you should know this.

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