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Good recipes: an aside

Before we start, I just want to say that there’s nothing wrong with making an ok recipe.  Not every dish you make has to be the platonic ideal of that particular vegetable or fluffiest way to make that trendy grain or the perfect treatment of that cut of meat.  If you like a recipe, if it balances economy and nutrition and time and taste in a way that works for you, good (even if it totally flies in the face of the following posts).  It’s all right if your life isn’t an endless series of four-star meals.  You’ll sap the joy out of cooking if you pressure yourself to make every meal even more amazing than the last.

My goal with the following posts is to share from my own mishaps how to use a limited amount of time to find a recipe that can reliably be what you want it to be.  Are we clear?  You’re released from any pressure to be an always-extraordinary cook?  Good!  Let’s start cooking!

This series started here.


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  1. I thought of you tonight as Elijah and I made the granola recipe that you posted ages ago. And for that matter, as I used my beloved iron skillet for dinner!

    • secondinaseriesofsix

      I like that we think of one another when we use our skillets! And I’ve got another granola recipe to post at some point- much crunchier. Not necessarily better, but different. Tell Elijah, “Good job!” for being such a help in the kitchen (and of course, major Montessori props to you for having him help)!

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