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Within Love

I sent this quote to a friend the other day, because it related to a conversation we’d had.  I should’ve known better than to blithely send a pretty thought about a weighty thing; it’s the pleasantly abstract ideals I spout that become impossibly real and gritty when I’m put to the test.  I usually don’t have long to wait for the test.  Today, being love has been grueling, and I’ve abandoned love a lot.  I’ve been petty and selfish and subtly vengeful.  But I still want to be within love, still know it’s where I belong, and I still like this perspective:

It is about large love, the love that encompasses all things, even those things you don’t particularly like. So to do anything in love does not at all mean to Be In Love. It means maybe to be within love, to be love, as opposed to hate and all its many avatars. It means to forsake the thieves of love, to banish greed and pride and desire and anger and jealousy and fear. -S Wiegand



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