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Because it is offered

In His wisdom and lovingkindness He gave each of us a particular body, of HIs design and construction, prepared for us, bearing His image, yet distinct from all others.  We cannot offer it unless we first “receive,” that is, accept it- with its beauties, its imperfections, its limitations, its potentialities.  This body and nobody else’s is my offering.  It is not, however, mere blood, bone, and tissues.  It is the dwelling of the self- spirit, mind, heart, will, emotions, temperament.  It must be offered wholeheartedly, in simplicity, with no quibbles about its fitness.  It is holy as the vessels of the tabernacle (pots, shovels, firepans, snuffers, and all the rest, commonplace as they might be) were holy- because the were offered (consecrated and set apart) for that service. (Elisabeth Elliot, The Path of Loneliness, p. 114)


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My job and my family keep me inspired and laughing by turns. Here's a taste.

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