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I’m not necessarily endorsing Pieper’s tiny volume “On Hope,” (I’ve already disagreed over some really significant points), but here are a couple of gems I couldn’t help but pass along:

[on magnanimity]: This virtue has its roots in a firm confidence in the highest possibilities of that human nature that God did “marvelously ennoble and has still more marvelously renewed” . . .It is good to think that, in this way, every virtue is borne along on a current that receives and guards the courageous unrest of our natural hope.  Courageous unrest.  I love it!

[quoting Bonaventure]: But the very habit of hope, by virtue of which one expects happiness, stems not from merit, but solely from grace.  Habit of hope.  Don’t you love it?

(I definitely endorse the idea of small books, which give busy grad students the thrill of reading half a book at one sitting, while still feeling like responsible teachers who turn out the lights before ten.)


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