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21 on the 21st

One thing I would never, ever want to be
1) A vegan

Two things I want to see before I die
1) Northern Lights
2)  This building in London:

Three things to which I’m inordinately attached
1) My cast iron skillet
2) My go-to earrings.  I lost them for about a week recently and realized how dependent I’ve become.
3) My current Bible.  It’s falling apart, and I have to reassemble the pastoral epistles every time I put it away.  I’ve shelved other Bibles when they started to disintegrate, but I’m in denial about this one.

Four things that make me cry:
1) Baptisms.  In a good way.
2) Footage of the Berlin wall coming down.  Every.  Single.  Time.
3) Remember the Titans.  (Kind of embarrassing.)
4) Seeing my dad cry.

Five things I’ve never done (that pretty much everyone else I know has):
1) Read any Harry Potter book (not because I’m anti-Potter, mainly because by the time I realized that lots of people I respect thought they were worth reading, I also realized I’d want to read the whole series at once and that would require two solid weeks of my life.  I tell myself I’m saving them in case I’m ever housebound for two weeks.)
2) Driven stick shift.  One of these days. . .
3) Gotten a ticket.
4) Gone to the Grand Canyon.
5) Watched 24.  Or Lost.

Six things I didn’t expect to like nearly as much as I do
1) Berkeley, CA
2) Clear furniture
3) Cezanne.  I didn’t really have an opinion about him, and then saw this in person.
4) Sushi.  Raw fish?  Gross.  Only, it turns out, not really.
5) The whole shorts-with-tights trend.
6) Latin.  I just started studying it so I could teach it, but now I’m hooked.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this! I had been wanting to ask you some of these questions. But, please tell me you mean to watch Lost after you read and watch Harry Potter. =)

    • secondinaseriesofsix

      Thanks, Beth! To be honest, Lost never interested me, and I don’t think I’ll still be hearing about it 20 years from now, so it’s pretty low on the priority list. I did discover that one of my favorite readers is also un-Potterized, so I’m in good company for now. But it’s definitely on the “to read” list should I ever be on bed rest (and maybe sooner).


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