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Skillets make me smile

I bought this for #6’s birthday.  My reasoning was that it would help him make his famous doughnuts better, because it holds an even temperature about 158,302 times better than the light pan he was using before.  But since then, I’ve discovered that its size, ability to retain crazy amounts of heat, oven-safe-ness, and best of all, the stick-resistant-but-not-non-stick-so-it’s-totally-ok-with-metal-utensils-and-isn’t-constantly-losing-its-coating-and-will-need-to-be-replaced-in-two-years finish make this my favorite pan.  Plus, it looks so homey; I can’t wait to make cinnamon rolls, or, of course, skillet cornbread in this thing.  I highly suggest buying one as a gift for someone in your family and then using it a lot yourself.  (I love the 12″ size, but you should probably get yourself several sizes.)


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  1. My mom’s peach upside down cake always tested the best when baked in her skillet. It crisped the edges just right and let the middle get caky and not gooey. Try using it for any extra moist cakes.

  2. secondinaseriesofsix

    That sounds delicious!


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