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What’s keeping me laughing this week

My current reads range from the solidly G-rated (books I’m reading along with my students) to R-rated (books on birth to help me prepare to support a friend). My favorite read this week, though, is PG, as in Pelham Grenvill Wodehouse. He could’ve been a one-man law firm, if he’d used all his names. I’m grateful that Wodehouse didn’t practice law, but instead had a lengthy career as a writer, with the mercifully shortened, much easier to remember P.G. in place of the first two names.
He wrote sentences the way people play ragtime– skillfully, but without taking himself too seriously.  The results are rollicking good fun.  Here are a few of my favorite snippets from the past week:
I could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.

Unfortunately, however, if there was one thing circumstances weren’t, it was different than what they were. . .

It seemed that the moment had come for a bit of in-the-bud-nipping.

[Her] map, as a rule, tends to be rather grave and dreamy, giving the impression that she is thinking deep, beautiful thoughts. Quite misleading, of course. I don’t suppose she would recognize a deep, beautiful thought if you handed it to her on a skewer with tartar sauce.


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