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Never a dull moment

Give me an adjective that describes Aphrodite in this story.

A: Angry.

Hm. . . That’s not specifically stated, but it’s a good point; I guess I’d be angry if someone were trying to kill  my boyfriend.

B: Wait!  You have a boyfriend?

No.  But hypothetically.

C: But what if he’d just dumped you?  Then you might be like (eyes bug out, crazed grin spreads across his face), “Yeah, kill him.”

B: Have you ever been dumped?

No.  Adjectives. . .

D: Wait, you’ve never dated?!

No, I have.  Adjectives. . .

E: Oh, but you dumped.

Well, I think “dumped” is a pretty strong word for what I’ve done.  Adjectives. . .

[I get the class back on track, and think the issue is closed.  I’m naive.  But not, it turns out, as naive as they are.  At the close of writing:]

D: Who did you dump?

I am not going to discuss my romantic past.  (Or remind you that it’s “Whom did you dump?”) Let’s get to work.

E: We should get you into a romance.

B: Stay single.

E: No, ’cause then she could be happy.

[Hm.  I thought I was happy.]

F: Well, what B said is half true, half not-true.  ‘Cause if you get married, then you have to do a lot of housework, but you can also have a daughter, and that makes you happy.

G: Yeah, and then you can sit around and make your kids do the work.

H: How come you never have kids unless you’re married?


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  1. This is my favorite. It’s amazing how long they can keep a conversation going within themselves, long after you’ve moved on.


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