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Wisdom for living, from Grade Four’s current read-aloud

“I like cooking,” said [Susan].

“If you want to go on liking it,” said [Mother], “take my advice and make the others do the washing up.”

(from Swallows and Amazons, by Arthur Ransome. So far, it’s enjoyable, although I made it about three pages before I decided it would be a very poor choice for me to go using the middle sister’s true name.  I changed the first letter, my class didn’t notice, and they think her name is Kitty, which still sounds very British.)


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  1. After reading this I immediately clicked over to Amazon and bought the book (despite middle sisters’ names). I take your recommendations seriously, Catherine–and what could be better than kids messing around in boats?

    • secondinaseriesofsix

      Have fun reading it to your kids, Laura! My students are really enjoying the Boxcar-children-esque self-sufficiency fantasy, but in a very different setting.


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