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January: the Month of the Sweet Roll

I’ve declared January the month of the sweet roll in my kitchen.  This is the kind of resolution I might actually keep.  (Unlike my perpetual “stop ripping my nails to shreds” goal.  I’m skipping that one this year.  Because, you know what?  I don’t care about nails.  I will rip mine until the day I die.  And I won’t feel guilty about it.  I have better things to offer the world than pretty nails- sweet rolls, for instance.)

Speaking of. . .back to the rolls.  I found some great foil pans with clear dome lids and bought a bunch in preparation for the massive amounts of gift rolls I hope to crank out.  Many, many people in my life deserve some sweet rolls.

Getting an early start was fun.  Inspired by a charming British tradition of taking baked goods to friends at midnight New Year’s Eve, I made a large batch of chocolate chip breakfast rolls with cream cheese frosting (loosely based on Pioneer Woman’s) as hostess gifts for a New Year’s Eve party. I made the rest of the dough up for the household the next day.

My first insight of 2011: runnier frosting=better frosting.  Also, if you’re making chocolate chip sweet rolls, some pecans or walnuts are a must; they offer a bitter backbone for all that sweetness. Oh, and as charming as still warm rolls might be, putting one of the aforementioned dome lids on a pan that is even the teensiest bit warm will make for a nasty, fogged-up lid. I’ll pass along further lessons that I learn the hard way.


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