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Stockings only?

I’ve begun to realize that I only want to give my kids stocking gifts for Christmas.  Hear me out before you protest:

a) Stocking gifts require no wrapping, thus saving money and leaving me more time to do things I like, like baking more cookies than any household could possibly eat, belting out old Raffi Christmas standards (“Snow is falling on Douglas Mountain. . .”) with my kiddos, and knitting them matching Christmas-themed sweaters.  (Well, maybe not the sweater part.)

b) Even if their dad is an orphaned only child, my kids will have two grandparents and a minimum of three uncles and three aunts.  They will not lack presents to unwrap.

c) I tend to favor parenting styles that promote fewer, simpler toys.  There are at least a few blog posts right there, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

Thanks for listening.  Now you may protest:


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