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Tonight’s menu was inspired by:

a) Guilt: Trimester One siphoned most of my energy and creativity off to the classroom.  My long-suffering family has eaten a lot of my chicken and rice soup over the past few months.  They deserved a change of pace, and I was eager to try something new.

b) Pride: I made latkes once a decade ago, and they were nothing special, but I sensed that they could be.  I needed to conquer them.

c) Peer pressure: Cooking Light has three recipes for latkes in their December issue.

d) Greed: Potatoes are 10 cents a pound right now. Onions are pretty cheap, too, which makes this whole meal a frugal feast.

This time around, my latkes were a hit!  I didn’t measure anything, but I more or less doubled the CL recipe, using dried thyme and way more oil than listed.  I think the key thing that I’ve learned is that moisture is the enemy of crispiness.  Next time, I would add a little cornstarch and make tons more fresh applesauce as a topping.  My crew needs at least 3/4 c per person, not per batch.

I served them with fried eggs and raw veggies as sides, but if you have other ideas, please pass them along.  (I think they’d be great with bacon, but that just seems wrong, given that latkes are a Jewish gift to American cuisine.)


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