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New Year #5: Angel food cake

I’m pretty adventuresome in the kitchen, but I’ve never attempted a real angel food cake before.  The total lack of leavening scared me, but the main hurdle was that I never had a dozen egg whites sitting around.

Last Friday, I hosted a bridal shower that involved chocolate mousse for a few dozen people, which left me with about a dozen egg whites.* I had no time or energy to deal with them this weekend, but I kept thinking that this was the perfect opportunity to try to make an angel food cake.

Today, with the wedding busyness behind me and the egg whites screaming to be used, I mustered my courage and adapted Betty Crocker’s vintage recipe for a chocolate and vanilla marbled angel food cake.  Success was sweet.

*Rabbit trail about mousse: My mom’s chocolate mousse (and no, spell-checker, for the third time, I do not mean moose) will always be the ideal to me.  It re-incorporates the egg whites after they’ve been beaten to peaks.  The result is light, velvety mousse that uses all parts of the egg.  But it’s technically unsafe.  Since I was not prepared to risk giving most of the bridesmaids and the bride food poisoning the night before the wedding, I opted for a mousse that used whipped cream instead of whipped egg whites.  Nobody was complaining; it was still delicious.  But if you’re ever serving just yourself, you really should try an unsafe mousse.  If you love it, as you probably will, I take full credit for the idea.  If you get salmonella, as you probably won’t,well, hey, I warned you.


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