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New Year #2: Singles’ group

(Parenthetical note #1: If you read my blog regularly, you’re probably wondering why someone who doesn’t even believe in singles’ groups went to one.  No, I wasn’t trying to see how bad it was and prove my point.  I’ve started attending a really big church, and singles’ group, although not my ideal, was one of the better opportunities to get involved.  I haven’t gone back on my principles; if I were setting up the church, I still wouldn’t have a singles’ group.)

(Parenthetical note #2: I’m not at all sure that I’m correct in sticking on apostrophe on “singles.”  Does the group belong to singles, or simply consist of them?  Advice would be most welcome.)

Tonight, for the first time, I attended a church singles’ group.  So far, I have few impressions.  Church websites all assert that a church is friendly, Bible-centered, and vibrant.  So too, singles’ groups all like to tout the fact that they’re “not meat markets.”  Time will tell.  It was certainly a friendly group, and I’m willing to go back.

It’s the first time in years I’ve been a non-leader member of an ongoing church group, and that felt weird.  What felt weirder was realizing that I’ve transitioned to a life stage in which prayer requests about cancer aren’t just for grandparents anymore.  My peers have peers with cancer.


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