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Homemade pizza: three tricks

Homemade pizza sounds like it should be an improvement over store-bought, but the results don’t always turn out that well.  I have several recipes I like, from thick, rosemary-scented “Pizza Bianca” to the wafer-thin-crusted bacon and caramelized onion pizza I made last night.  No matter what kind of pizza I make, I try to remember these three lessons I learned the hard way:

1) Pre-bake the crust in a very hot oven; this is the first defense against a heavy, sodden crust.

2) Pre-cook toppings.  Zap pepperoni and ham to keep them from being flabby and to avoid pools of grease on the finished product.  Cook veggies in a pan or the microwave to avoid watery pizza or unevenly cooked toppings.

3) Sauce should be thick.


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