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Lunch conversation, 5/17

Miss C., do you watch 60 Minutes?

Me: No


Me: Well, I don’t really watch TV.

What?  You don’t watch TV? Why not?

Me: I don’t have time for it.

Do you have a TV in your house?

Me: Yeah.  I have one in my house.

And you don’t watch it?

Me: Well, I watched some of the Olympics.  But I don’t think I’ve watched anything since then.

[Long pause.  I think the conversation is over.]

(Said as if I had just announced that I have cancer:) But, Miss C., aren’t you really sad?


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My job and my family keep me inspired and laughing by turns. Here's a taste.

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  1. How adorable! What was your answer?

    • secondinaseriesofsix

      “Nope. I like having time for the things I would rather do.” It took them a little while to imagine a happy life that didn’t have much TV in it.


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