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Thankfulness Thursday- my GPS system

This Thursday, I’m thankful for my car navigation system.  I was born into a family of people who seem to have perfect internal compasses, but mine fell out somewhere in my early childhood, if it ever existed.  I have tried to explain it to my sometimes-aggravated family.  I always feel as if I’m going north.  Always.  I don’t remember street names or intersections well.  As my dad put it, “She graduated summa cum laude, but she can’t find her way around.”

Fortunately, my parents long ago ceased to be angry or even amused by my total lack of direction.  A few years ago for my birthday, they gave me a navigation system for my car.

Before, I needed to have printed directions everywhere I went.  I couldn’t suddenly decide to stop somewhere else on the way home, or I might never get home.  Plus, if I missed a turn or was blocked by road work, I had to pull over and get out my map and try to find a new route; I couldn’t just find my way back.  (On that new route, I was likely to miss a turn and get lost again.)  As a result, I wasn’t too bold about going places.

I am slowly learning to navigate without my GPS, but it’s the safety net that makes me confident enough to go places.


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