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Praise his name? Or His name?

I’m curious why you do or don’t capitalize pronouns referring to God.  The basic distinction seems to be that contemporary believers from higher/older/liberal (three groups– I’m not implying that those groups are necessarily the same) denominations don’t and Christians from lower/newer/conservative churches do. That’s just my observation from reading; I’ve never heard a rationale for why some Christians capitalize and others don’t.  Can anyone shed some light on that, or share your own reasons?


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  1. Denise Malagari

    I would be just an interested in hearing some answers on this as well. I remember writing His referring to God in lowercase one time at church and getting called out for it by a church gossip. Interesting what some consider priorities.

    • secondinaseriesofsix

      D- All of my fb comments so far have been from people like me. I was raised capitalizing the pronouns that referred to God; I was told it showed respect.
      But I’ve also read many God-fearing authors who leave God’s pronouns in lower-case. Unlike your (former?) fellow church member, none of my commenters are offended by the lack of caps. I’m not offended by it, but I’m intrigued as to why some Christians groups seem to capitalize, and others don’t.
      On a practical level, I like the way that “He” and “His” make it very clear which pronouns refer to God. It allows for man and God to be referred to without constant re-naming or confusion.


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