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Labor parties- because they are good for labor

More work gets done when we work with others.  If I set aside time to scrapbook and invite a friend to do it with me, I won’t get distracted or find something else to do.

Labor parties are a great way to turn non-urgent jobs into priorities.  I spent the better part of Tuesday with my friend, K., working on quilts for our nieces.  If we hadn’t made a date of it, we both could have let other priorities crowd out that task.  We didn’t get distracted by more urgent needs.

Quitting isn’t an option if there are people working with me, so I work harder in community.  I know would have petered out more quickly if I hadn’t been having a social sewing day last Tuesday.

The best way to motivate myself to do something really unpleasant is to plan to do it with someone else.  I can think of excuses to procrastinate, but not to cancel.  Plus, a companion balances out they “yuck” factor.

Some work is simply easier with more hands.  K.’s mom and mine used to spring clean together.  (We got play dates for two weeks!)  Getting curtains off of rods, moving furniture, and the like are more practical for two than one.

Labor parties allow us to borrow a friend’s expertise or even pressure to help you do a task better.  According to family lore, during one of their spring cleaning parties, my mom’s anti-clutter attitude made K’s mom cry.  But they probably both jettisoned more junk because the other was there.


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