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Let’s bring back the labor party!

No, not the Labour Party (which is still alive and well in Britain)!  I mean the labor party, that once-beloved gathering that enhanced both socialization and work.  Quilting bees, corn-shucking, sugaring- these are great examples of people pooling their energy to tackle big  jobs, and having a good visit while doing it.  I love this model of work and friendship.   Stay tuned for more thoughts on labor parties.


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  1. I think we should begin implementing this today — I am hosting a cast party tonight (for Werner’s play, not a broken appendage) and a pre-party labor party would make my day so much better!

  2. secondinaseriesofsix

    Oooh, that would have been fun. Have a great party! (Glad it’s not for a broken appendage- although your quip made me think that if I even break a bone, I’m throwing a party. Any excuse for a pun and baked goods!)


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