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My un-granola recipe

My friend, Monica, wrote a post about her recent foray into making her own granola.  Read it (and her delightful blog) for a recap on her experience.  In response to Monica’s need, and to share with you, here’s my favorite granola recipe.

It’s not like any recipe I’ve ever seen.  There’s no attempt to get the grains crunchy or clumpy, as in most commercially made granola.  There’s still enough crunch for my taste from the nuts, and perhaps if it would cook longer, it would get crunchier.  I like this so well that I’ve never tried that, though.

The original source of this altered recipe was a church or club cookbook of my late grandmother’s:

Spray a 9×13 pan (or something with similar volume).  Fill it with (I don’t always measure) 4 cups oats, up to 1 cup chopped nuts or seeds, up to 1 cup dried fruits of choice, and 1/2 c wheat germ (optional).  Stir until combined.  On the stove on low heat, stir (I do measure these) 1/2 c oil and 1/3 c honey until the mixture is runny, frothy, and well mixed.  Remove from heat, and add a teaspoon of vanilla and a pinch of salt.  Pour this over your grain mix, and stir until the oats are uniformly coated.  Bake at 325 for 20 minutes, stirring halfway through.

I think I’ve never made this granola the same way twice; it’s varied based on kitchen stocks and what sounds good at the moment.  I have experimented based on other recipes, and I can confidently say that milk powder and juice concentrate aren’t so good in granola.  But I’ve used dry cereal (crispy rice, flakes, etc.) in place of nuts, added cinnamon, and tried every possible assortment of chopped nuts and dried fruit with great success.  This is easily doubled, if you have two pans of the correct size.  Have fun with this recipe!


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