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(Did you miss Vol. 4?  It’s here.)

Because it groups people who have similar secondary needs and resources, so that the members of the body of Christ are cut off from ministering to each other’s secondary needs.

I’ve said that the most basic needs for truth aren’t determined by demographic.  But demographics can predict some secondary needs pretty well.  For example, people who fit the “young families” demographic frequently need parenting advice, date nights, practical help with meals and housework, etc..  College students often need a place to do laundry, a real meal, perspective on what lies ahead in life.

But when we isolate these demographics, they can’t serve one another well.  The college students can’t babysit for couples they don’t know; the empty-nesters can’t offer some parenting insights or a meal to new parents they’ve never met.   I feel that the worst isolation of all is that seniors who have wisdom and experience are cut off from the rest of the congregation.

Lumping people who are short on the same resources seems like a recipe for unmet needs and unused gifts.


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