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Because demographic-members don’t share identical make-up.  Perhaps after the last post, you thought that I was implying that the Bible should never be applied individually, verses shown side by side to address a particular person’s needs.  But I think that biblical truth does sometimes need to be spoken to an individual’s specific situation and should come with specific applications.

The key word in that is individual.  My friend, A., and I are essentially in the same demographic- same gender, living situation, age, romantic status, race, income, educational level, etc.  We even share a lot of hobbies and food preferences.  But our needs, struggles, and individual make-up are very different.  We have different besetting sins, need to be shored up in different areas of theology, feel weak in different spiritual disciplines.  If someone tried to give the two of us biblical truth applied to my needs, A. would  not be especially helped.  It’s foolish to assume that people with similar situations have cookie-cutter hearts.

If leaders want to give individually-needed truths and applications, they need to get to know the heart of each person, and have one-on-one discussions.  Perhaps DBM is trying to fill a vacuum of more personal mentoring.  I think it’s a poor substitute.


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