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Child’s play

Quick: what’s the worst thing that could happen to a child?  Losing both parents, right?  What year would be the worst year to live again?  The year you were thirteen, right?  Which made it funny when my K students said during play time, “We’re all thirteen.  Oooh, and we’re orphans.”

(I know lots of kids who play orphans.  I don’t think it has anything to do with bad parents; these kids love their amazing moms and dads.  Maybe it’s a function of how exciting orphan books are.  I do wonder if I adopt orphans if I will have to prohibit orphan games in my home someday.  My poor future kids- no orphans, no pirates. . .)

Speaking of play ideas from books, a few of my students are easily engaged by their reading and social studies.  One of them informed me that she and her brother were playing “smuggled across the border” in their wheelbarrow, an activity I suspect was inspired by early twentieth century stories.   She explained of the wheelbarrow, “It’s a rickshaw.”

I thought, “Oh, because no on one would suspect a rickshaw of carrying a person!” but said, “What border were you pretending to cross?”



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