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Lest you think I’m the St. Patty’s Day grinch. . .

8 reasons the world needs the Irish:

1. Because my college roommate is Irish-American and one of the coolest people ever.  Therefore, all Irish people must be equally cool.  We need cool people.

2. The Irish are enthusiastic adopters of imports.  Patrick and potatoes?  Neither one is native to Ireland.

3. If it weren’t for the Irish, what would we call Irish twins?

4. Best accents in the world.

5. Soda bread.  Enough said.

6. The Irish are innovative.  Who but an Irishman would have invented Guinness as a way to fight drunkenness?  (I have no idea if that legend is true, but even if it’s not, legends are pretty Irish, too.)

7. They’re shrink-resistant.  Freud said that the Irish are the only people who are impervious to psychotherapy.

8. If it weren’t for the Irish bringing their names to America, what would preppy American parents in the 1990s have named their children?


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