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Poll: Good off-registry gifts

I am going to a wedding shower this weekend.  The invitation included a note about the places that the couple is registered, and I stopped by one of them on my way home from work.  I printed the registry and found that of all the lovely things the couple had requested, exactly three could be found in that store.  Three.  The three price ranges were, like the  Three Bears’ chairs, too big, too little, and just right.  After failing to locate the “just right” item (the price tag that matched it was surrounded by very different items), I pulled an employee (a term very loosely applied, because while he was being paid, he was not being- nor was he interested in being- employed) out of a cozy chat with fellow employees. With his scanner, he found the item (nowhere near its price tag.)  It looked like it had been run over by a truck.

Me: “Thanks.  Do you have one that’s not damaged?”

[Long stare.] “Uh.  No.  That’s our last one.”

We parted ways, he to perpetuate his altered state or resume his socializing, I to search for a great gift that my friend never even knew she wanted.

Dear readers, what do you give couples when registries fail, or get bought up, or when you can’t get to a store with their registry?  Brides, what were some good “off-registry” gifts that you were given?

Update: My friends G. read this post and told me in person that everyone needs a hammer.  My friend E. showed me the pitcher which is her go-to gift.  Which reminds me that I love to buy Williams-Sonoma soaps, especially dish soap, as clutter-free gifts.  It froths beautifully and smells amazing, but is too luxurious to buy for myself.


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