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Occupational risk: grossness

Potty humor is not tolerated in my classroom, and carries the stiff penalty of apologizing to the class.  Potty talk however, is occasionally necessary, and completely acceptable.  Monday, not long before lunch time, I had to explain why eating lots of soap water isn’t a good idea: “It’ll give you diarrhea.” (I actually have no idea if this is true, but it was what I was told as a child.)

Student A: Oh.  My grandmother has diabetes.

Me: Well, diabetes is different from diarrhea.

Student A: What is diarrhea?

I realized that diarrhea accounts for many of the turns of history, so we might as well talk about it frankly.  I will spare you my accurate reply, though, because another student summed it up so well:

“It’s when your large intestine gets lazy!”

Wednesday, we were happily eating lunch when T. piped up, “Some pythons die while they’re eating because the horns of the animals they’re digesting puncture their stomachs.”

Teaching might not always be appetizing, but it is never boring.


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