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Top 6 ways to know you’ve found good ethic food

This is meant with respect.  I have received nothing but warm welcomes and delicious food when I’ve eaten outside my ethnic background.  (That’s good, because eating only within my ethnic background would pretty much limit me to Andersen’s Pea Soup and Ikea [which has exceptionally cheap breakfasts, by the way.])

Here are a few of my personal observations of what marks good ethnic restaurants:

1. The name makes little or no sense in English.  See two incongruous words on a sign?  Pull in and order.

2. The owners go get their youngest employee to speak English to you and explain the menu.

3. Said youngest employee is related to the owner.

4. There are televisions in the restaurant, no matter how upscale the establishment.

5. Said televisions are airing soccer.

6. You don’t fit in.

How do you spot a good spot for ethnic cuisine?


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