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Ask. Seek. Invite.

A year ago today, I went kayaking with a stranger.  A year and a week ago, I heard my mom mention a young woman who had visited her church, a twenty-something who worked as an OT in short stints all over the west.  She had just started her SoCal stint.  Because I thought that sounded lonely, I asked my mom to get her number.

A few days later, uncharacteristically bold, I called and introduced myself and asked her if she wanted to go kayaking over the weekend.  She did.  We did.  Today, we went again to celebrate our “friendiversary.”

In between, we have shared memory passages, articles we’ve liked, encouragement, double dates, prayer requests, lots of meals, and for a few months, even a room.  This friend’s vulnerability and humor unlock me.  Her insights challenge me.  My life would be much poorer without her.

My point is this: if I hadn’t asked, I would not have gone kayaking that weekend or this.  I would spend Monday evenings like any other, instead of exploring ethnic cuisine with my friend and praying with her.  And the crazy part is that I wouldn’t know what I was missing.

So, I celebrate our friendship- the honesty, comfort, accountability, and fun.  But I also wonder how many friends I’m missing because I never got bold and invited them.


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