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I recently joined a three-month Bible study/mentoring program at my church.  I’m learning a lot through it, some just through reading the simple participation contract.  One line requires us to commit to attending every meeting and calling as soon as possible if a crisis prevents us from coming.  After years in youth ministry that makes coming (and going), so easy, I find this very refreshing.  But the surprising commitment to me was the confidentiality agreement.  I assumed it would say something like, “I won’t repeat outside of our meetings any personal information I hear in our meetings.”  But this is the commitment: “I will not share any personal information about my family or friends without their permission.”   We want people in the group to keep our secrets, and this agreement ensures that.  But it also forces us to agree there are some secrets that we have no business sharing, that we need to extend the same kindness of confidentiality to everyone.  It might not be the best choice for all small groups, but for a very focused, short-term group, I think it’s brilliant.


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  1. This is Lynette…can you give me some more info on your mentoring/accountability group?

    • secondinaseriesofsix

      It’s a short-term group- eight meetings- that matches groups of younger women and older women who will mentor them. “Young” applies anyone who wants to be mentored- our ages range from 23-41. “Old” is relative too- our youngest mentor is 40 and another is not much older. The other two are probably in their sixties. We have homework during the weeks and meet one day a week for three hours. We meet in homes- sometimes a mentor’s home and sometimes the home of our guest “chef.”
      The first hour is a cooking demonstration. This past week, a wonderful Mexican cook showed us how to make fantastic authentic Mexican food. There are always one or two “kitchen helpers” who sign up just to do the grit work and clean up for us. They are wonderful and keep our chef assisted while we do our Bible study during the second hour.
      The Bible study curriculum is topical and was written by our pastor and his wife a few years ago. All the first-time groups are doing the same curriculum, but I’m sure the discussions and activities look different in each group. (Women who want to repeat Legacy the next year have a different curriculum.)
      The last hour is set aside for us to share a meal. Our guest chef eats with us, and our kitchen helpers make us feel like royalty by waiting on us. We might have table topics chosen by the mentors, or the conversation might direct itself.
      I’m enjoying it a lot and wish I had done this when it was offered in past years.


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