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I usually love it when my students are curious. . .

M: Why was her name Puss?

Me: Well, it probably was a nickname.  I can probably find out what her real name was.  (Little foreseeing where this might lead, I googled it.)  Oh, see, her real name was Virginia.

M: Virginia? Why did they name her Virginia?  What kind of name is that?

Me: Well, maybe they named her after the state.

M: Why is the state called Virginia?

Me: It was named in honor of the first Queen Elizabeth.

M seems satisfied with this answer.  I relax.  Then A opens her mouth.

A: Was her name Virginia?

Me: No.

A: Well, what does Virginia have to do with Elizabeth if it wasn’t her name?”

Me: (Cough to buy time).  Shewascalledthevirginqueenbecauseshenevermarriedwhichwasunusual.  Keep working!


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  1. love it! so funny!


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