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Because it’s more impressive to say than “selfish”

Clarification: I am someone who would be labeled an introvert.  I am writing from my own experience and no one else’s.  If I were more energized by being with people, I’m sure that could be warped by sin, too, and I’d write about that.

I suspect that what I call “introversion” is actually just plain old-fashioned selfishness coupled with laziness.  Don’t get me wrong; I believe that there is value in solitude and that it can be pursued with healthy motives.  I don’t think all “extroverted” people are holier or more genuinely loving than “introverts.”  That said, here’s what I wonder:

If I don’t love the people I don’t know well, is it because they aren’t doing anything for me (selfishness) or because it takes effort to get to know them (laziness)?  Do I dread rooms full of new people because I can’t predict or manipulate them?  If I really saw the people around me as image-bearers of God and recipients of the love that Christ has poured out in my heart, would I really be an “introvert?”


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