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A magazine cover recently informed me that this is Arnold Palmer’s 80th year.  His longevity could be due to genetics, careful lifestyle, or all that walking on the course, but I prefer to credit it to his signature drink.  Less sugary than soda and full of anti-oxidants, it is also the perfect summer beverage.  When I’m serving it with Mexican food, I like to substitute limeade for the lemonade.  #3 has made a project of perfecting her pour so that the layers of her APs stay impressively separate.  Layered or mixed, limey or lemony, an Arnold Palmer is a delicious drink.  I’m not above using a stranger’s birthday as an excuse for a toast.  Cheers!

Slightly related memory: a friend who was unacquainted with Arnold Palmers was astounded when a colleague ordered quite a few at a work lunch- and seemed entirely sober.  Yet another great thing about the AP- it’s designed to keep you sharp, presumably so that your short game stays accurate.


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