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Appreciating labor, this Labor Day

I worked this Labor Day.  It seemed fitting, and to be honest, I didn’t want a day off.  Here’s why:

Scene 1: After more rabbit trails than I could count (no pun intended), I suggested that we challenge ourselves not to say anything that wasn’t related to math for five minutes.  We were, after all, working on our math worksheets.  One student sighed, “It’s very hard to only ask questions about math when I have so many questions about geography.”  I love how interested in life my students are.
Scene 2: Doing our memory verse (Romans 5:6-8), we started discussing grace, and (a popular topic with this group) depravity.  M. piped up, “And that Michelangelo, he wasn’t good either.”  In a moral sense, she was right on.  Even master artists need grace.

Scene 3: After singing all four verses of “Rejoice, the Lord is King” my students pleaded to do it again.  After singing all four again, they still asked “Again!  Again!” and sweet L.  begged, “Seven more times!”

Scene 4: My kids had never heard Christina Rossetti’s “What is Pink?” before and were mildly interested.  Until the last line, that is, when they laughed, and laughed and begged to hear it again.  I think I said it ten times on Tuesday, and they would have liked more.  I was hoping they would memorize it this semester, and I think we’re halfway there just from hearing it so much.

There are moments when I despair of ever getting math done in the allotted time, or I get tired of saying what should be obvious warnings (“Please don’t eat your clothes.  Please don’t put that up your nose.  Please don’t lick the dog. . .”), but most of the time, my job is a reason to celebrate.


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