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Someday, I’ll thank her

When I was fifteen, someone told me out of the blue, “You’re going to be really beautiful someday.” That sort-of compliment went down into family lore. We laugh, but we try to think graciously of its speaker, who was quite elderly, and, we assume, had lost her inhibitions along with her hearing.

No such excuse for #3, who looked at my lack of tan yesterday and said, “C., you’re going to have really beautiful skin someday.”

Update: #3 (who reads my blog- who knew?) says that she remembers saying that I would always have beautiful skin.  I don’t remember it that way.  In fairness, though, she followed up her compliment by saying that someday my skin would be”Dame Judi Dench status,” so it is clear that no matter whose story you believe, she was speaking in admiration and love.


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