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“Uh, I, um. . . yeah. I guess.”

What’s the right response to a statement about how quiet one is?  If the “quiet” one says something in agreement, that kind of makes the first statement less true.  Should I just nod?  I’ve never been able to figure out if comments like, “Well aren’t you the quiet one?” or “You’re so quiet!” are compliments or rebukes.  Maybe they’re neither, but just observations.  But still, I have about as much of a response as if someone noticed aloud that I have detached ear lobes.  I’m not sure I think that I’m quiet, anyway, but if I am, maybe it’s partly because I get tongue-tied trying to think up a gracious and sensible reply to these comments.



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  1. I either nod in agreement or suddenly become loquacious trying to describe the thought process that led to my being quiet.


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