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Margaret Sanger, thus the Octomom

From a traditional Christian perspective, adult life has two main paths: chaste celibacy, or a tightly-bound triad of marriage, sex, and child-bearing.   (Fun fact: Matrimony comes from the root word for “mother.”)  Once it was possible for people to to pick and choose among the three, it was nearly inevitable that we would feel entitled to select just marriage, or sex, or kids, or two at a time.  After a  few generations on The Pill (which marks a cultural milestone as the first medication widely used to suppress health rather than disease, but that’s another story), our mindset has shifted so completely that we feel like we deserve to have sex without children or marriage.  But who would have guessed that some would also feel entitled to have children without sex or marriage?  Motherhood to over a dozen fatherless children wasn’t the parenthood that Planned Parenthood wanted people to be planning. Yet their insistence that women have total rights to decide when/if they have children- regardless of their naturally-child-creating behavior- might have something to do with incidences like this.

(For the record, I’m not saying that it’s always wrong to use medical technology to limit family size or space babies, although “birth influence” is probably a better mindset for the ethical options out there.  I’m just pointing out that without Margaret Sanger and her contemporary counterparts, we probably wouldn’t have phenomena like the Octomom.  Evangelicals who want to think through their choices in this area might want to start here.)


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