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The stuff dreams are made of

I dreamed a few nights ago that I was teaching a teen whom I mentor in real life, and mentoring students I teach in real life.  The teen wrote with approximately the skill of eight-year-old who has stopped caring, and this was not acceptable, even in slumber.  I reminded her that her letters needed to “sit on the line.”  I say that a few dozen times per week, so it wasn’t surprising that I would bring that up.  But after she wasn’t giddy about improving her handwriting,  I spouted this line, which I have never even thought in day: “Good handwriting is a gift you give yourself for your whole life.”  It wasn’t a nightmare, but I awoke a little scared that I might be that cheesy in real life.

However, if Hallmark ever starts an acadmic line of cards, I think I have a potential second career.


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My job and my family keep me inspired and laughing by turns. Here's a taste.

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