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Might I recommend? (Version 2.0)

Musing on children’s Bible programs, I’ve realized that I’m incredibly picky about this stuff.  I want #4 to graduate from seminary and write “The Balanced and Accurate Children’s Bible Story Book.”  In the meantime, here’s an excellent first Bible for a child.  I’ve read this to students and done far less editing than I have with other Bible stories.  I’ve even loaned this book out to youth who feel lost with the general flow of the Bible.  Until #4 writes a longer and even better book, I’ll be giving this one to friends’ children.


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  1. secondinaseriesofsix

    Yes, I do. I bought it for my students because it came highly recommended from people I respect. Sadly, I’ve been disappointed, and I wouldn’t buy it for a friend. The author adds a lot of details and editorial commentary. I think it’s presumptuous to declare what characters are thinking or feeling without any textual basis. I think the way the book talks about God’s love makes him sound like a pathetic sap, a smitten youth in a toxic relationship, rather than a Hosea-like lover who faithfully loves His people and will be glorified through them. Also, sometimes the author tries so hard to make the OT stories about Jesus that the actual stories gets lost.
    Like I said, I’m picky. There are some definite strengths to this book, and it does a good job of avoiding moralism. Aside from my first pick, which is aimed a little younger, I don’t have an alternative yet. I still use this book with my students and just edit as I read. Deciding what to do next year is a challenge. I’m tempted to just use the Bible and paraphrase as I go.


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