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Two things I just don’t understand

-Bosses’ Day.  I’m not some cynic who thinks that Secretaries’ Day Administrative Professionals’ Day is just a ploy by florists and greeting card companies.  It might be a ploy, but once a year isn’t too often to thank over-worked and under-appreciated employees who are the nerve center, and often the heart and soul, of a company.  But anyone who’s ever had a boss knows that every working day is Bosses’ Day.

-Signs on people’s cars letting you know that they have a child on board.  I think the intention is to encourage other drivers to be cautious around that car.  Does anybody see these signs and think, “Oh, I was going to plow into the back of your car, but since there’s a baby in it. . .”?  Isn’t self-preservation and the safety of grown-ups motivation enough to drive safely?  (These signs do serve a useful, unintended purpose.  Whenever I see one, I’m more alert to that driver drifting into my lane or otherwise acting sleep-deprived.)


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