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Children tend to say a lot of off-topic things, and I usually make them stop and save it for recess and lunch.  If we went down every rabbit trail, we’d never reach our destination.  Sometimes, though, I just have to go along.


During a math worksheet:

Student: (looks up and beams) Miss C., I like you.

Me: Well, I like you too.  That’s convenient, isn’t it?

Student: Well, of course, you’re a teacher, so you like students! (looks back down and completes worksheet)


During spelling:

Student (a different one): You know what would be fun?  If you could make yourself this tall and this wide and this thick (uses fingers to show something roughly the size of half a toothpick), and then you could sneak onto people’s shoulders and pretend to be their conscience. . .

Me: But it’d be hard to buy clothes.

Other students: What about doll clothes? Maybe you wouldn’t need to wear clothes; nobody could see you very well.  Maybe you could make clothes.  What would you make clothes out of?  And you might get vacuumed up.

Me: (What have I started?  This could go on a long time if I let it, and there’s a lot of school left, so I launch into killjoy mode) And your next word is. . .


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